Will I be charged for parts?
If parts are required then these will of course be passed onto the customer and added to your final bill, locksmiths should always make you aware if parts are required and costs involved.

Do locksmiths have a markup on parts?
The simple answer is yes, locksmiths purchase parts in huge numbers and carry stock for long periods of time, as with most businesses locksmiths sell parts and stock above trade and retail prices, this is to ensure your locksmith has the right parts to complete any job at any hour you require them to do so.

Do locksmiths have a call out fee?
Some locksmiths will claim to have “no call out fee” . We find the cost is usually added to labour charges, we prefer to be transparent and let customers know that locksmiths would like to be paid for their time and travel.

Is there any recognised locksmith qualification in the UK?
Not currently, many organisations have attempted to regulate the locksmith industry in recent years without success, we as a company have implemented -LockSub Approved- to ensure our customers receive a professional locksmith every time.

What if I had a cheaper quote?
When it comes to your home security, cheaper is not always better! In many cases where “cheap” is offered as a service you will not receive the quality of an experienced locksmith, in addition the price will normally increase once a “cheap locksmith” arrives.

Why can’t I get a fixed quote?
Whilst Despatch staff will always do their best to provide an estimate it is the locksmith who is best placed to advise on the work that’s required, locksmiths should have various methods of entry and parts available, all of which will differ.

Will my locksmith be local?
Yes always, we have over 200 locksmiths on the platform with around 50% of them available for work at any one time, we will always send the closest available locksmith to assist you and they will always aim to arrive within the hour.

Will the locksmith have the parts required?
Yes, LockSub locksmiths are always fully stocked with the most common parts, if a part you require is not available we will endeavour to source the part/parts within 24 hours, you will not be charged for the second visit.

Are locksmiths VAT registered?
Yes most reputable locksmiths in the UK will be VAT registered, beware of companies advertising “NO VAT we would suggest these are the companies you may wish to avoid.

Do I get a guarantee?
A 12 month no quibble guarantee is supplied on all parts and labour.

How long will it take for a locksmith to arrive?
Our locksmiths will always aim to be at your property within the hour, in emergency situations usually much quicker.

Will I get a receipt?
Of course, a digital receipt will always be supplied on completion of works, these are usually sent via email or SMS.

What hours are you open?
Whilst it is physically impossible for independent locksmiths to be available, 247 LockSub are proud to say we are genuine 24 hour locksmiths and can attend your property at any hour. We do however have less cover than usual from 1am to 6am.

Do you offer discounts?
Unfortunately not, we regularly check our prices against similar companies in order to remain competitive.

Will the locksmith have identification?
LockSub approved locksmiths should always carry Identification usually worn on lanyards, you can also find full details of any of our locksmiths on the LockSub Approved page.