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About LockSub App

The UK’s answer to all your Locksmith needs. LockSub offers a fast, reliable and professional service, giving you peace of mind from the get go. All of our Locksmiths are LockSub approved and with hundreds of local locksmiths on call, we’ll get to you in no time at all.

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About the App

Working for LockSub as a subcontractor is simple, flexible and straightforward.

LockSub request details from potential subcontractors to ensure you’re not only right for the team, but also have the necessary skill set and experience to be part of our busy and rapidly growing environment.

All subcontractors are automatically set as premium members ensuring you see the very best available jobs in your area first.

You can start your application by sending the following details to – Photo ID, Website URL, Public liability insurance and a list of areas you wish to cover. Once we have the above information a member of our recruitment team will be in touch.

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How the App Works

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How do I let the office know if I’m available?
Simply use the in app feature which lets the admin know if you are available to take on jobs, swipe right if unavailable (red) and left if available (green).

Are jobs automatically assigned to me?
If you’re available for work and close to a particular job then Admin staff may automatically assign a job to you via the LockSub Platform.

What happens if I accept a job and can’t attend?
You will need to let us know right away – if this happens more than once your account may be suspended.

How do customers pay?
Once your job is completed, you select the works carried out via the app and charge customers via our payment terminal.

How many jobs can I expect on a daily basis?
Usually two to five.

Who pays for the parts?
The cost of your parts used should also be added to your weekly invoice.

When and where do I send my invoices for works completed?
Please send invoices to every Sunday.

When do I get paid for my work?
We request you send us an invoice each week with a breakdown of works carried out, all locksmiths are paid each and every Wednesday, please ensure your bank details and vat number if applicable are included.

What if my customer wants to pay cash?
Cash is to be banked once a week into the LockSub bank account.

Who decides what customers should be charged?
Ultimately this is up to the locksmith as all locksmiths will have different labour rates dependant on time, location and type of works to be carried out. However, we have set some recommended prices inside the app whilst also outlining maximum charges in our terms and conditions.

Are locksmiths paid a percentage of each job?
Yes, percentage is based on your location and experience.

What happens if I have a recall job?
We suggest recalls are kept to a minimum as works should always be completed to a high standard and we expect locksmiths to always be fully stocked. However, if you should need to revisit a particular job then we kindly ask that you do not accept any jobs until your recall is complete.

LockSub App

LockSub Agents

Do you have a locksmith company and sometimes struggle to cover a job?

Then register as a LockSub Agent and sell your job overflow quickly and easily in seconds using our dashboard.

• Track how many views your job receives
• Contact locksmiths and subcontractors local to you
• Get paid for work you can’t cover

LockSub pay you 100% of the sale price of your job, payouts sent on the first working day of every month.

For more information email for more info.

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Become a LockSub Subcontractor and Streamline Your Business

If you’re in need of a local locksmith to take on a job, or are looking to maximize your profits by outsourcing work with minimal advertising costs, LockSub is the app for you. Simply apply to become a LockSub subcontractor, await approval and then start posting your leads.

You’ll make money once a lead sells and have the peace of mind that your job has been fulfilled by a professional local locksmith. LockSub is locksmith recruitment made easy – download the app today and sign up to sell your locksmith leads to locksmiths in the area.



LockSub helped me maximise my profits and reduce my costs.

Jack Green, Jacks Locksmith

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