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What is LockSub?

The LockSub app provides locksmiths with leads and jobs in the local area, across the country and worldwide. If you’re looking for locksmith work, you’ll have all the latest jobs at your fingertips.

Developed by locksmiths, the app helps subcontractors sell leads quickly and easily and allows local locksmiths to purchase those leads, complete the jobs and get paid for the work. That means more jobs completed on a daily basis – great for subcontractors, great for locksmiths. Download the LockSub app today to see how it can benefit your business.

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How does LockSub work?

As a locksmith, you’re probably aware that the industry has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain locksmith jobs due to a high level of competition and the high cost of advertising. LockSub does the hard work for you, sending you push notifications for leads and jobs in your local area. Just three simple steps can get you the locksmith work you want and need. Once the job is done, submit your invoice, get paid and wait for the next locksmith jobs available!
Step 1

Sign up for FREE and select the area you’d like to find jobs in

Step 2

Subcontractors will post locksmith leads and jobs at competitive prices

Step 3

You purchase the leads you’re interested in and available for and head to the job


Download LockSub Today

Download the LockSub app to get the latest locksmith job leads at your fingertips.

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Become a LockSub Subcontractor and Streamline Your Business

If you’re in need of a local locksmith to take on a job, or are looking to maximize your profits by outsourcing work with minimal advertising costs, LockSub is the app for you. Simply apply to become a LockSub subcontractor, await approval and then start posting your leads. 

You’ll make money once a lead sells and have the peace of mind that your job has been fulfilled by a professional local locksmith. LockSub is locksmith recruitment made easy – download the app today and sign up to sell your locksmith leads to locksmiths in the area.

LockSub helped me maximise my profits and reduce my costs.


Jack Green

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