Upcoming Changes to LockSub Platform

LockSub Latest News

1. As we know some jobs cancel whilst an engineer is en route, as they may have managed to get into their property or find their keys so we will be adding a “Customer Cancelled” button next to completed job so we can gather better feedback from subcontractors.

2. Telephone operators will be aiming to provide much better job descriptions to enable the locksmiths to understand the type of job they are going to, this may be simple things like if the door is wooden or upvc, details of any quotes provided and all round more detailed job descriptions.

3. Social media links updated on our websites homepage to include the following:

Linked In

We hope you will take the time to follow our social platforms and engage with any plans, updates or changes that are planned, You can find these links on our homepage: https://locksub.com.

4. On our landing pages used to generate jobs customers will now have to opportunity to rate the subcontractor once works are complete.

5. Locksmiths will now be able to call their customers from the app at anytime once job has been purchased or assigned as apposed to just at start of the job. The click to call function will be available in the next update.

6. Once a subcontractor assigns a job to a locksmith they will receive a push notification letting them know they have a job to be completed, this function will also be available in next update.

7. Subcontractors/Agents will soon see a new tab in the platform which allows you to set your locksmiths on a percentage, this will inform the locksmith of the amount earned on each job and inform the subcontractor/agent of the amount payable to each locksmith.

LockSub are dedicated to providing local locksmiths local work and will endeavour to be posting more jobs every day. Should you have any questions please get in touch with our support team on 07772666767 or send us an email help@locksub.com.