LockSub Approved Locksmiths

Did you know the UK Locksmith industry is completely unregulated?

This means anyone can arrive at your door and claim to be a locksmith, would you trust a stranger with your door keys? Next time you require a locksmith ensure your locksmith is LockSub Approved. LockSub approved locksmiths are always local, have five years trading history, public liability insurance and a proven track record in customer satisfaction.

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What is
LockSub Premium?

LockSub Premium allows locksmiths to work for LockSub as a subcontractor on a percentage basis.

Premium members have exclusivity in their chosen postcode areas and do not have to pay for jobs via the app. They also view the job details 60 seconds before other users and can simply accept the jobs they wish to cover and complete using LockSub’s payment terms and fixed pricing.

For more information please email us premium@locksub.com.

Please see below a map of postal code areas where premium is available.

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Should I sign up to
LockSub Premium?

LockSub Premium gives you a competitive edge over local competition allowing you to view jobs in your area first, however if you have not seen many jobs in your local area then this feature may not be for you right now.

We have listed active and available postcode areas below along with weekly subscription prices, if you do not see your local postcode areas listed then please bear with us as we are always expanding.

LockSub Premium simply allows you to view local jobs 60 seconds prior to other members that are not on the premium scheme, we also understand that there a handful of Locksmiths on the app who have no intention of purchasing jobs via the app, LockSub Premium will also disable these members from seeing the very best and most profitable jobs posted.

If you see more than 20 jobs per month posted in postcode areas you cover we recommend purchasing LockSub Premium to ensure you are seeing jobs local to you first.

Premium Rules

· One premium subscription available per locksmith in each post code area

· See data on how many jobs have been posted in your post code in the last 30 days

· LockSub will be more active in postcode areas that have a premium member and subcontractors

· Locksmiths are limited to purchase 2 post code areas

· If your areas are taken please email us to join the waiting list premium@locksub.com

You should also not sign up to LockSub Premium if you have not read our terms and conditions, are to busy to take on additional works, your postcode/zipcode is marked unavailable or assigned or you operate outside the UK or USA.

How the App Works


No, unfortunately not.
Yes, absolutely.
No, unfortunately not, in such a competitive marketplace we believe the level of work should be shared between premium members.
No, LockSub Premium is like any other advertising, whilst we will always do our best to provide jobs there are no guarantees.
LockSub Premium allows locksmiths to access jobs without purchasing each job posted. You simply download the LockSub Premium App and simply accept jobs that you are able to attend and work on a set percentage basis.
Once your job is completed you select the works carried out via the app and charge customers via the app using the fixed pricing structure.
Cash is to be banked once a week into our bank account.
We request you send us an invoice each week with a breakdown of works carried out, all locksmiths are paid each and every Wednesday.
The cost of your parts used should also be added to your weekly invoice.

You will need to let us know right away if this happens more the once your account may be suspended.

Usually two to five.