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Cherry pick the very best jobs in your area without having to rush to purchase every job before another locksmith snaps it up.


Should I sign up to LockSub Premium?

LockSub Premium gives you a competitive edge over local competition allowing you to view jobs in your area first, however if you have not seen many jobs in your local area then this feature may not be for you right now.

We have listed active and available post code areas below along with weekly subscription prices, if you do not see your local post code areas listed then please bare with us as we are always expanding.

Locksmiths should only sign up to Premium if they find themselves beaten to jobs by competitors, based on feedback provided, some locksmiths have requested they are given time to view the job and consider if its a job they wish to complete and take on before the competition snaps up the job.

LockSub Premium simply allows you to view local jobs 60 seconds prior to other members that are not on the premium scheme, we also understand that there a a handful of Locksmiths on the app who have no intention of purchasing jobs via the app, LockSub Premium will also disable these members from seeing the very best and most profitable jobs posted.

If you see more than 20 jobs per month posted in post code areas you cover we recommend purchasing LockSub Premium to ensure you are seeing jobs local to you first.


Please see available areas and subscription prices below:

AB £29 per week
B £29 per week
BA £19 per week
BB £19 per week
BD £19 per week
BH £19 per week
BL £19 per week
BR £29 per week
BS £19 per week
BT £19 per week
CA £19 per week
CB £19 per week
CF £29 per week
CH £19 per week
CM £19 per week
CO £19 per week
CT £19 per week
CV £19 per week
CW £19 per week
DD £29 per week
DE £19 per week
DG £29 per week
DH £19 per week
DL £19 per week
DN £19 per week
DT £19 per week
DY £19 per week
E £29 per week
EC £49 per week
EH £29 per week
EN £19 per week
EX £19 per week
FK £29 per week
FY £19 per week
G £29 per week
GL £19 per week
HD £19 per week
HG £19 per week
HR £19 per week
HS £29 per week
HU £19 per week
HX £19 per week
IG £19 per week
IP £19 per week
IV £29 per week
KA £29 per week
KW £29 per week
KY £29 per week
L £29 per week
LA £19 per week
LD £29 per week
LE £19 per week
LL £29 per week
LN £19 per week
LS £19 per week
LU £19 per week
M £19 per week
ME £19 per week
MK £19 per week
ML £29 per week
NE £19 per week
NG £19 per week
NN £19 per week
NP £29 per week
NR £19 per week
OL £19 per week
PA £29 per week
PE £19 per week
PH £29 per week
PL £19 per week
PO £19 per week
PR £19 per week
S £19 per week
SA £29 per week
SK £19 per week
SR £19 per week
SS £19 per week
ST £19 per week
SY £29 per week
TA £19 per week
TD £29 per week
TF £19 per week
TQ £19 per week
TR £19 per week
TS £19 per week
WA £19 per week
WC £49 per week
WF £19 per week
WN £19 per week
WR £19 per week
WS £19 per week
WV £19 per week
YO £19 per week
ZE £29 per week
BN Allocated
GU Allocated
HA Allocated
HP Allocated
KT Allocated
N Allocated
NW Allocated
OX Allocated
RG Allocated
RH Allocated
RM Allocated
SE Allocated
SG Allocated
SL Allocated
SM Allocated
SN Allocated
SO Allocated
SP Allocated
SW Allocated
TN Allocated
TW Allocated
UB Allocated
W Allocated
WD Allocated
AL Assigned
CR Assigned
DA Assigned

If you do not see your post code areas above we recommend waiting for subcontractors to join and start posting jobs local to you.
If you are interested in signing up as a premium member please send us an email –

Things to Note

  • One premium subscription available per locksmith in each post code area
  • If you do not see a minimum of two jobs per week a full refund will be issued
  • LockSub will be more active in postcode areas that have a premium member
  • Locksmiths are limited to purchase 3 post code areas

You should NOT sign up to LockSub Premium if:

  • You have not read our terms and conditions
  • You are too busy to accept additional works
  • You are unavailable to take on locksmith works
  • Your postcode area is marked allocated or reserved
  • You are at the higher end of the market and charge significantly more than the industry average for locksmith services
  • Your postcode is not listed below
  • You have not seen many jobs posts in your area
  • You participate in social media scaremongering
  • You are at the lower end of the market and charge significantly less than the industry average for locksmith services
  • You operate outside of the UK

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