LockSub updates

Price for emergency locksmith

1. Subcontractors will now be able to assign a job to a specific locksmith which only they will view, this is great for Locksmiths that work for you on a percentage paid basis.

2. Locksmiths can now fill out the result from each job feeding the information back to the subcontractors and in turn telling the locksmith how much they earned on each job.

3. Once a job is assigned to a specific locksmith your customer will receive the same confirmation text they receive when a job is purchased.

4. Wages tab will tell subcontractors how much wages is owed to their Locksmiths, a feature will soon be added to pay wages direct from the app, subcontractors can set their own percentage for each locksmith.

5. Locksmiths to receive a push notification when a job has been assigned to them letting them know they have a job.

6. Locksmiths can call customers direct from the app using the click to call function.

For more information on changes moving forward email us: help@locksub.com