LockSub – New platform connects local locksmiths and subcontractors with local jobs

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October 29, 2018; London, England – LockSub, an all-new revolutionary app, has launched for iOS and Android devices. The app connects local locksmiths and subcontractors with hundreds job leads on a daily basis. Locksmiths can earn more revenue thanks to the job leads posted on the LockSub app. Meanwhile, subcontractors can receive payment for their work overflow.
In the same way that Uber has revolutionised the taxi/car share service, LockSub aims to do the same for locksmiths. The easy to use app connects customers with locksmiths and subcontractors efficiently. Locksmiths will be able to search through jobs each day. Once they accept a lead, locksmiths can contact the customer and set up an estimated time of arrival to complete the job. Subcontractors are able to save time and outsource work to locksmiths.

“Locksmithing is an old profession, about 4,000-years old,” the creators of LockSub, said. “The LockSub app brings the profession into the 21st century and provides those working in the trade a great new tool to make or add to their existing income.”

According to Indeed, the average locksmith in the United Kingdom makes £25,100 per year. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes for locksmiths. Whether it is installing new locks on doors or windows, adjusting a lock on a safe, or helping someone who is unable to get into their vehicle, jobs can differ greatly. LockSub allows locksmiths to take on a number of jobs throughout the day and increase the income they make during the year.

LockSub prevents locksmiths from spending thousands of pounds on advertising. The app is a one-stop location for employment opportunities and leads. Due to many locksmiths being mobile, the LockSub app keeps them moving throughout the day from one job to another. There is no waiting around an office for a new order or call to come in. There is no need to pay personnel to wait on phone calls to a central office. LockSub makes it easier to earn more money as a locksmith and subcontractors by going from one job to the next.

Customers can benefit from the LockSub app as they will be kept up to date by locksmiths once their jobs are accepted. For more information on LockSub or to download the app, please visit https://locksub.com/.

About LockSub

LockSub was created by locksmiths, for locksmiths and subcontractors. The LockSub app is user-friendly, intuitive and can help maximize a company’s profits. Locksmiths simply browse the leads, purchase the ones that are available, and complete the work. Once a job is purchased, locksmiths take full ownership of it and call the customer to give them an ETA and all relevant information. On completion of the job, locksmiths will submit an invoice and get paid for their work. The LockSub locksmith app means increased satisfaction for subcontractors, locksmiths and customers alike.