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Unlike other locksmith associations or networks LockSub Approved does not require any annual or monthly membership fees, we simply request you have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, here’s how it works:

  • Once a locksmith has purchased and completed ten jobs from the platform/app a member of the LockSub verification team will call you to let you know your LockSub application has started.
  • We will need to see evidence of your public liability insurance and proof of 5 years continued trading.
  • We then contact your clients to obtain feedback and comments on works you have carried out, based on the responses received your application will be approved or declined.

LockSub Approved members should be customer focused and demonstrate customers obtained from LockSub are happy and satisfied with their services.

We could charge you to come on a course, learn techniques readily available on youtube then make you sit a pointless outdated exam but we would much rather obtain feedback from customers and see for ourselves, this way we can fulfil our objective of ensuring we have reliable local locksmiths carrying out jobs.

Once approved you will be eligible to use our LockSub Approved logo, these will be sent electronically and a welcome pack will be sent out to you in the post.

To find you nearest locksub approved locksmith please give us a call on 03333 660708 or email us at

LockSub Approved Qualifiers

  • Proven 5 years trading history

  • Public liability insurance
  • LockSub profile complete
  • Ten jobs completed via the LockSub App
  • Approved by previous customers


How are Locksmiths vetted?
The LockSub team complete spot checks on all Approved members on a weekly basis.

Do I have to pay any subscription fees?
No none at all, LockSub Approved is free and always will be.

Can I be a member of other locksmith clubs and associations?
Yes, of course!

Who checks the locksmiths workmanship?
We have two dedicated field based managers with a combined 30 years experience within the locksmith trade.

Who’s checks on customer satisfaction?
The LockSub team spot check customers each and eery week to ensure works are always being carried out to the highest standard.

Can I use the LockSub Approved logo?
Yes, we actively encourage this in order to give your customers peace of mind.

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