Job You Cant Do?

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As a locksmith from time to time you will come across a job and for whatever reason you will not be able to attend, we have listed some possible reasons below for a locksmith not being able to attend a job:

– Job too far away?
– Had a drink?
– Cant do the job?
– Do not want to do the job?
– Family meal?
– Date?
– Friend or relatives birthday?
– Too tired?
– On holiday?

The list can go on, but imagine being paid for all the jobs you couldn’t attend in a month, imagine being paid for them?

LockSub allows locksmiths to post their overflow onto the platform and be paid for jobs you cant cover or simply do not want to attend, and be sure your job will be covered by a professional and local locksmith.

We pay you 100% of what your job is sold for and payouts are sent on the first working day of each month, obtaining locksmith leads can be expensive and time consuming so make sure you are paid for the jobs you cant do!

We recommend selling your job for a third of what you have quoted or expect the outcome of the job to be.

For example if you quote the job for £150, we recommend selling this for around £50 on LockSub.

For example one locksmith in London had 19 jobs he could not attend and sold the overflow on LockSub in March 2019.

On 1st April we sent him £855

This was for overflow work he simply couldn’t cover, so next time you cant cover a job send it to LockSub to ensure your job is covered and you are paid for every call you receive. Please note only 100& confirmed jobs must be sent to the platform, locksmiths sell jobs and not leads.

Becoming a Subcontractor is FREE and once you have passed our security checks our end you are free to start posting instantly

If you have any questions or require assistance setting up as a sub contractor please get in touch.