Full Automation

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The aim of locksub is to become a fully automated business as we scale up again once the pandemic has passed.

Jobs will be assigned to locksmiths via the backend system to the closest available locksmith, if the locksmith does not accept the job after a minute or two, office staff are to reassign to the next nearest or if no one available then offer to the other companies we work with.

The next batch of changes will allow us to see and receive notification when:
– A locksmiths marks themselves available or unavailable
– A locksmith changes their radius
– A locksmith marks the job as quoted, cancelled, completed or second visit required
– Locksmiths will also be able to upload the izettle screenshot once a job is completed
– Locksmiths will be able to message despatch using the chat function at the top right of their app

Once busy again I plan to have phone staff extremely busy and the aim is for them to see everything they need on one portal which will mean the following:
– No need for what’s app
– Messaging to locksmiths and despatch happen via the app
– Clear downs can be seen in backend
– Jobs assigned to be accepted or rejected

Once this phase is complete we will be 80% completed on the functions which we require the app to do.

The LockSub team will continue to grow, post more jobs and make everyone’s lives a little easier but this cannot happen without change.

Thank you for all your hard work and contributed support.

P.S. Steve Sphikas will remain at the end of the phone if locksmiths do need to speak to someone.