Taking bookings for locksmith work over the telephone and email can be time-consuming.

Furthermore, if you’re engaged, a customer is likely to immediately try somebody else and your work will be lost.

Many companies also find that booking systems on websites are inefficient and often break down, which is where an app comes in.

By signing up for our app, you’ll be the first choice for 24-hour locksmith jobs in Farnborough, with the latest jobs at your fingertips.

Our locksmiths work in a wide range of different locations in the UK and offer speedy, professional services which customers know they can rely on.

Over 600 hundred locksmiths already use our platform, all of whom have been approved by our stringent qualifiers which include proof of five years trading history, public liability insurance, a complete profile and approval by previous customers. You will also need to complete at least 10 jobs from our app.

Whether you’re a professional locksmith looking to sign up to an app or a customer looking for this type of service, LockSub is a revolutionary app for this industry.

If you’re a 24-hour locksmith in Farnborough, why not find out more about LockSub today?