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Need an emergency locksmith local to Andover?

LockSub have the key to unlocking any problem related to your property. Whether you’re locked out at midnight or need a replacement key before the weekend, our team are available 24-hours a day and can come to your property in Andover within only 30-60 minutes.

When dealing with this type of problem, we understand that delays can be highly frustrating- you want assurance a locksmith will be quick, efficient and professional.

We are a local firm, so can be at your home or business in Andover in the quickest time possible, making us ideal for emergencies. Our locksmiths know the town well and can easily find the quickest route to your home or business.

The first thing you should look for when choosing any locksmith is their ID badge and qualifications. After all, they are dealing with the safety and security of your property. Rest-assured, LockSub have all the right qualifications and our locksmiths can instantly identify themselves on arrival.

Whether it’s an emergency or a less urgent problem, we can always help. Our local locksmiths in Andover looking forward to meeting you and resolving any issues you’re having.

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