Anyone using Google Ads let me recommend a few good websites for you;

1. PPC Secure –

After using other sites such as Click Guardian & Click cease this one seems to be the most advanced in detecting and blocking invalid activity and helps you build a database to get your refunds every 6 weeks.

2. Spyfu –

With the removal of average positions from the ads platform this software allows you to see what your competitors are up to.

3. AdWords Wrapper –

This tool allows you to edit keywords in bulk and change match types quickly saving you time.

4. First Position SEO –

If using Google Ads then you may want to plough some cash into SEO which as we all know has great long term results, the owners here can show you thousands of first position search terms for locksmiths.

5. LockSub –

And last but not least LockSub, if you’re fed up of managing your own advertising and would like jobs daily simply download the app and choose the radius of where you would like to receive jobs.

I hope some of you find one, some or all of the above helpful.