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The LockSub App Gives You Locksmith Job Opportunities at Your Fingertips

Developed by locksmiths, for locksmiths and subcontractors, the Locksub app is user-friendly, intuitive and can help maximize your business’s profits.

All leads and jobs posted to the platform by subcontractors are 100% confirmed and consolidated. All you have to do is browse the leads, purchase the ones you are available for, and complete the work. Once a job is purchased, you’ll take full ownership of it and call the customer to give them an ETA and all relevant information. On completion of the job, you’ll submit an invoice and get paid for your time. The LockSub locksmith app means increased satisfaction for subcontractors, locksmiths and customers alike.

LockSub is a valuable locksmith resource for mobile locksmiths. The app is designed to allow a preview of all jobs; the full information is made available to you once the lead has been purchased. Only one locksmith can purchase each lead posted. To ensure you get the most from the app, enable your location settings and you’ll be shown local locksmith jobs to choose from. Simply use the “available to accept jobs” button to show you are available to take on work. LockSub is the easy way to get leads and jobs on the go.

How LockSub Can
Benefit Your Business

Whether you’re a subcontractor or a mobile locksmith, LockSub can help your business grow. It’s an innovative app, designed to connect subcontractors, locksmiths and customers in an easy, efficient way. 

With hundreds of locksmith job postings every day, subcontractors have a time-saving way of outsourcing jobs, while locksmiths have instant access to work opportunities that suit them. In addition, customers can be quickly updated by the locksmith taking on their job, so they know that help is on its way. 

Your business saves on the cost of advertising – great for smaller companies – and the locksmith community is able to work together to improve the industry.

  • Get push notifications of locksmith jobs available in your chosen area
  • Locksmiths, post your job overflow and get paid for your leads
  • Pick and choose jobs based on the location, job type and lead price
  • Map your way to each job and update customers by calling from the app
  • The end customer will be provided with professional locksmith services
  • Smaller companies can compete thanks to lower advertising costs
  • The locksmith community can work together and exchange leads

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