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Cherry pick the very best jobs in your area without having to rush to purchase every job before another locksmith snaps it up.


What is LockSub Premium?

As some of you may be aware the jobs in some areas are snapped up pretty quickly, as of January 2020 we we be rolling out LockSub premium which amongst other features not available to everyone signed up to the app you will be able to view jobs 60 seconds prior to them being rolled out on the main platform.
This does a few things –
  • Allows you to view jobs prior to other LockSub members
  • Stops locksmiths with no intention of purchasing jobs from viewing available jobs
  • Gives you 60 seconds to decide wether the job is worth while or profitable
  • Allows premium members to be selective about jobs they take on
  • Giving you an advantage over local competitors interested in similar jobs
In addition you will also be able to sell your overflow by simply adding in the job details from any device, so if you re unable to cover a particular job or simply don’t fancy going you can sell your job instantly on line to one of the 250 locksmiths currently signed up with 0% commission.
Once you post a job you can see how many views your job has received and receive an email once your job is sold, dont worry if your job does not sell for some reason you can reduce the price sending the locksmiths another push notification in that area.
This allows you to cherry pick the very best jobs in your area without having to rush to purchase every job before another locksmith snaps it up.
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If you’re in need of a local locksmith to take on a job, or are looking to maximize your profits by outsourcing work with minimal advertising costs, LockSub is the app for you. Simply apply to become a LockSub subcontractor, await approval and then start posting your leads. 

You’ll make money once a lead sells and have the peace of mind that your job has been fulfilled by a professional local locksmith. LockSub is locksmith recruitment made easy – download the app today and sign up to sell your locksmith leads to locksmiths in the area.

LockSub helped me maximise my profits and reduce my costs.


Jack Green